PowerSource Youth Fitness Program

A Program specifically designed for children. We focus on proper mechanics, and program workouts to help kids improve their agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, strength, speed, power, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance and stamina. 

Program is limited to 16 per age group so reserve your spot today!

Why PowerSource Kids?

There are numerous health and developmental benefits of regular exercise for children. 
Classes are designed to promote the development of strong muscles and bones, reduce the risk of obesity, encourage social interaction, promote teamwork, improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Age Groups: 5-7 8-12, 13-16 
  • Sessions/week
    • 5-7
  • Length of Sessions: 60 minutes

A fun and effective way for youth to get in the habit of physical activity

Classes May Include:
  • push ups
  • sit ups
  • chin ups
  • rowing
  • squats
  • games
  • And More…

Enroll today classes are limited to 16 kids per age group!

Participant to Coach ratio: no more than 8 kids per Coach.
  • Class Days/Times:
  • Age Group 7-12 meets Mon/Th 4:45pm and Sundays 9:30am
  • Age Group 13-16 meets Tue/Fri 4:45pm and Sundays 10:30am 
  • Price: $180 per month