Powerlifting Team Training

Improve your powerlifting technique in a group coached environment.

The Rye Canyon Barbell Club’s Powerlifting Group Training is all about learning and perfecting your lifting technique, getting stronger, competing against yourself with the support of the other class members and enjoying the sport of Powerlifting. Powerlifting Group Training has two classes per week. Classes are led by Coach Eric. Eric is an experienced coach and has won two Master’s National Powerlifting Championships and a Master’s World Powerlifting Championship. He is a multiple USPA Master’s National record holder and IPF Master’s World record holder. Each class can be purchased separately. No gym membership required. Bench Press Wednesdays 6:00pm Squat or Deadlift Saturdays 1:00pm Saturday sessions alternate between Squats and Deadlifts. The reservation page has the lifts and dates. Each class may last for up to 2 hours depending on the number of participants. At each class you will get: • A proper warmup based on the session focus. • Assessment of your existing technique with suggestions for improvement. • A Max Effort training session • Identification of your areas of muscle weakness for the lift • How to turn your weakness into a strength • Accessory work using Cambered Bars and Westside Barbell Equipment Each session is limited to 4 lifters. Participants will assist each other with bar loading, spotting, cleanup. Pricing: Per session. Gym members $29.99 Nonmembers $39.99 Nonmembers must complete the online gym waiver prior to arrival. To purchase a class or find out more, please contact Coach Ed: Ed.Blanch@powersourcebarbellclub.com