Powerlifting 101 - Coming Soon

Learn from our team of competitive powerlifters

In competitive powerlifting the top 5 at a meet are often very close in comparative absolute strength. Technique is what separates the champions from the rest of the crowd.

In this 4-week, small group class, you will be instructed on proper technique for the three powerlifts: squat, bench press, deadlift. You will learn about the conjugate training system, identify your weak points and use the Barbell Club’s unique equipment to improve those areas. You will also be taught how to spot other lifters, and the rules of powerlifting.

Pricing: $100 per member.

Barbell Club

Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, General Physical Preparedness

We will be able to take 25 new members at the special price of $69 per month.
Regular price is $100 per month

24×7 access!  Great culture, great equipment, limited membership, and a set of gym rules that are enforced, Set an appointment to get introduced to what we offer and what to expect as a member. The Barbell Club includes:

Westside Barbell Inverse Curl Machine

Westside Barbell H.A.D.

Matt Wenning Good Morning Machine

Belt Squat

Ivanko Iron Dumbbells

Rogue Deep Dish Iron Plates

CrossFit members receive access to the Barbell Club as part of their membership. Work on your lifting technique, gain strength and explosive power.

There is a limited number of these memberships available.

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