The Barbell Club (“Open Gym” to CrossFitters) offers a variety of equipment that provides users the ability to set range of motion, grip width, hand positioning (supine, prone). The more variation you use in your training, the longer you will minimize the impact of the law of accomodation. Simply put, you will achieve better gains in strength, muscle growth, and overall conditioning as a member. Here is a highlight list of the barbell club’s equipment:

3 Olympic Lifting Platforms

3 Deadlift Platforms

Matt Wenning Good Morning Machine

Westside Barbell Inverse Curl Machine & H.A.D.

Dynabody PowerPress

Texas Power Bars, Squat Bar, Deadlift Bar

Kabuki Strength Power Bar, Squat Bar, Deadlift Bar

EliteFTS Yoke Bar

EliteFTS Cambered Spider Bar

Camber Bar

Ox Bar

Rogue Ohio Power Bars, Ohio Bars, Bella Bars

Training Bar

Rogue Deep Dish Iron Plates

Ivanko Professional Dumbbells