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For us, fitness is about community and the commitment to working hard for permanent changes that you can be proud of but that's just one of the benefits of your membership with us. 

Barbell Club: Real. Iron. Plates.

The Barbell Club (Open gym) features old-school iron plates. You are going to pump iron here, none of the rubberized plates like the corporate gyms use.

Limited memberships means little waiting

If you are a member, we want you here. We built the Barbell Club side of the facility so we could get our training in without the ridiculous wait times that are common in the corporate gyms.

Enjoying your existing CrossFit box but would like to be able to practice lifting technique and get more work in on your points? Join our Barbell Club.

Versatile Functional Programming

We use functional training methods that focus on everyday movements your body can do naturally.  

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Top of line strength equipment

Barbell Club EquipmentWe have equipment that no one else has in the Santa Clarita Valley. Westside Barbell inverse curl machine & H.A.D.; Wenning Strength Good morning machine, Dynabody Power Press. We also have Texas Power, Squat, and Deadlift bars; Kabuki Power, Squat, Deadlift bars, Ox Bar, EFTS Yoke Bar & Cambered Spider bar in addition to Rogue Ohio and Bella bars.

Community & Care

Our people are our life-force — you’ll find motivating and inspiring friendships to keep you accountable.

Free Online Fitness Tracker

Use our app to log your progress, record your workouts, and connect with other members online.

Want these benefits and more?

Join today, feel better tomorrow.