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Last weekend Coach Howard and I traveled an hour away to CrossFit Monrovia to get our CrossFit Level 2 Certification. We are both still waiting on our test results so fingers crossed.

When Coach Howard asked me to take the course with him, I was a bit hesitant. I have been super busy with a couple of other mentorship programs (to be discussed later) and the cost is high. $1,000 dollars for the certification ($800 for Law Enforcement discount)

Since owning a business, I look at things differently and wondered what the ROI would be. The return on my investment. How long would it take me to recoup my $800 dollars.

Other things to consider were, would this be beneficial to my members and would this make Rye a better gym. I eventually figured that if I could get a few helpful tips on coaching that could help me. And that in turn would help our members be fitter and healthier, I would do it.

It also helps to get out of the CFRC bubble. Although, I try to not be distracted by what other gyms are doing and to focus on our goals. It does help to get a birds eye view of CrossFit as a whole since lots has been changing with CrossFit HQ.

If you have never been to the Level 1 certification it goes deep into the methodology and does a broad overview if what CrossFit does. Even the most novice crossfitter can attend and find it beneficial. It should not be looked at as simply for people wanting to be trainers. If you have drank the CrossFit Kool aid, I say go for it.

The Level 2 is a bit different. Its suggested that you have at least 50 coaching hours under your belt before you attend. Looking at my situation, I coach an average of 2-3 hours a week. So, when I break it down, I personally would need 6 months of coaching experience to attend the course.

I have been at CFRC for a little over two years so I felt confident that I would be OK attending the course. When we arrived, we were introduced to the staff, “Nice guy” Nuno, Peter who was Italian and once owned a 600-member gym in Milan (pretty cool) and Casey, who lived the “van life.” No kidding, the second day his van was parked outside of the gym. Both Howard and I agreed that Casey was obviously single since no female would let their “mans” live the van life. Cool in theory, heavy on the doubt. Awesome staff overall.

The course itself was really great. When you hear the term leave you ego at the door. I’m pretty sure it is speaking specifically about this course. They do not care at all what any of your PR’s are or what you have done. The goal is simple, make you a better coach. If you walk in the door simply to check a box then don’t even show up.

The feedback you get is heavy and sobering. You go from thinking you are a decent coach to wondering what the heck you have been doing the last two years. But the goal was accomplished and I walked away with tons of great info I could use to not just make myself better, but make CF Rye better as well. Now time to go use it in the gym.

Coach Jose